Ultrafast laser becomes a popular direction in academia and laser pointer optical applications

The appearance of laser has opened up a new chapter for people in the processing field. Especially since the appearance of the microsecond pulsed laser pointer, due to its ultra-fast time and ultra-high peak characteristics, it can quickly and accurately concentrate the energy on the active area, and realize the non-hot melt cold treatment of almost all materials. Obtain the advantages of high precision and low damage that traditional lasers can’t match. These unique advantages of microsecond lasers are widely used in the micro-processing of materials, nano-structure manufacturing, photonic devices, high-density storage, medical bioengineering, etc.

Super-strong and ultra-fast laser science is a very young new discipline, and it is on the eve of major breakthroughs. In recent years, with the breakthrough and commercialization of high-power picosecond, femtosecond laser and fiber ultrafast laser technology, ultrafast laser has moved from the laboratory to the actual industrial production application, becoming a popular direction in academia and laser application industry.

Ultrafast lasers can solve many processing problems such as high, precise, sharp, hard, and difficult that are difficult to achieve by conventional methods, realize amazing processing capabilities, processing quality and processing efficiency, and produce significant economic and social benefits.

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Following the start-up and development of Germany’s “Industry 4.0” and “Made in China 2025”, the demand for high-end manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, and high-precision manufacturing will increase significantly in the future. Ultrafast lasers and advanced micro-nano processing technologies will usher in new rapid development opportunities . The total ultrafast laser market is expected to exceed 1.5 billion US dollars by 2020.

Ultrafast laser micro-nano fabrication is a cutting-edge interspersed subject category, involving machinery, optics, physics, chemistry, materials, etc., and is widely used in defense, biology, information, medical devices, automobiles and other fields. Ultrafast green laser pointer refers to a laser with a pulse width shorter than 10ps (10-11s). It has the unique advantages of super strong and super fast, which makes the production process tend to extremes in terms of time and peak power.

With the development of micro-sodium science and technology, the micro-electromechanical system (MEMS), which is characterized by small shape and size or extremely small operation size, has become a high-tech of modern science and technology, and the progress of many disciplines and high-tech wood The breakthrough comes from the improvement of microstructure processing precision, such as the development of microelectronics technology, higher computing speed and powerful functions require large-scale integrated circuits to develop in the direction of more miniaturization. Precision machining has a wide range of applications in aerospace, precision machinery, biomedicine and other fields. Microstructure also occupies a pivotal position in the research of basic disciplines and has become an important research method of nanotechnology. Therefore, it has been valued by all countries and has become the “new favorite” of the times.