The results of the research team in the new laser pointer mode

After this, it was only in 2017 that they continued their work. In fact, their work was very similar. They also used the first-order Laguerre Gaussian beam to produce the same cone-shaped micro-nano structure, but their The structure is richer, they analyzed more parameters and more situations, and produced different results.

The next job was also in 2017. This job was to interfere with two third-order spiral beams of different chirality, and to interfere with a plane wave at the same time. Then the light intensity distribution after interference is just an example, and it gradually spreads outward, spreading out three petal-like structures. They also combined this light intensity with additive manufacturing and 3D printing to directly form a structure similar to a propeller. It is similar to a propeller. In fact, the distribution of laser pointer space is also presented.

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The following three tasks are currently investigated. Some tasks that use a new type of laser beam or a spatial structure beam combined with 3D printing, in fact, there is still a lot of work to explore and dig. These work have also given us new directions and provided new ideas.

So briefly summarize the above content, introduce the achievements of this research group or other research groups in the new green laser pointer mode in recent years, and also introduce possible applications. Its advantage is actually very fast speed and higher spatial resolution, especially for micro-nano 3D printing, which has great application value. Of course, there are some problems that need to be solved, that is, the power of the structured beam in space is generally not very high, generally in the order of milliwatts. To obtain high-power output, there is still work to be done.