The spatial structure of the interactive forming laser pointer

These applications in various aspects, this is a simple example. We are laser additive manufacturing, here is also the meaning of it. In our additive manufacturing or laser pointer-based additive manufacturing, we first build a two-dimensional structure, and then continue from two-dimensional to three-dimensional process. In fact, this process can be referred to as laser 3D printing for short. I think it might be 2.5D printing, or 2D to 3D printing, because after all, we are all two-dimensional in the printing process, and after the two-dimensional is printed, it becomes a three-dimensional.

So the possible applications discussed later, the application of the new type of beam in additive manufacturing is more standard, that is, we directly form three-dimensional shapes in the process of doing it. At different positions on the z-axis, its printing time is almost the same. The laser additive manufacturing, laser selective melting, deposition layering, powder spreading and powder feeding are all well understood here, and they are all introduced in detail. Then there are two more, one is stereo light curing.

Behind this three-dimensional light curing is the direction in which the new model may be applied, which is the spatial structure of the laser formed by the interaction with the digital material with light transmission characteristics. These have played an important role in generating three-dimensional models in the field of aerospace and biomedicine. The following is a little focus on our new laser mode. This is a bit like an introduction to the principle of laser. How does our laser produce?

RGB High Tech Handheld Laser Pointer

First of all, we must have a laser gain medium, rod-shaped, slab, or optical fiber, all of which are laser gain medium. After we pump the gain medium, it will absorb energy, and then release the absorbed energy. During the release process, different photons will be released due to changes in the internal energy level mechanism of the atom. But photons are released in the gain medium, which, like our lamps and the sun, radiate in all directions. So how can the green laser pointer be produced?

We need to add a resonant gun outside the gain medium, which is actually two cavity mirrors, which have high inverse characteristics to a specific wavelength. Then the laser can perform multiple round-trip oscillations in the resonant gun, thus achieving Amplified and output by laser. Then in the laser cavity and after output, a three-dimensional laser mode will be formed. The stars 00, 10, 01 and 01 on the left show the light intensity distribution of the laser on the cross-section of the cavity. It is the light intensity distribution on the XY plane.