A specific case of single-mode laser pointer application

The same multimode YLS laser is used for high and low brightness applications, such as welding, drilling, and precision cutting-an unprecedented capability. The high brightness allows the use of telephoto processing lenses, which are used to greatly improve the depth of field and minimize the damage to the optical components.

Although high-brightness multi-mode laser pointer dominate the field of material processing applications, single-mode kilowatt-level CW lasers are gaining more and more attention because they can make those that require high CW peak power, extremely small spot size, and/or New applications of remote machining capabilities become possible. Some of the applications of YLS-SM lasers described by Markevitch include high-speed cutting of stainless metals for screening and filtering, remote cutting of anode and cathode battery foils, remote and gas assisted copper (Cu) and aluminum (Al) foils High-speed cutting, and large aspect ratio narrow welding of thin metal with minimal distortion.

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A specific case of the application of a kilowatt-level CW single-mode laser that is emphasized is the microstructure processing of cast iron and aluminum engines in the automotive industry. Environmental regulations require lower energy consumption, pollution and carbon dioxide emissions, and require thinner and lighter engines. A new design of motor module with thinner wall thickness, supplemented by laser material processing, makes each cylinder can reduce the weight of 1 kg.

In order to obtain higher mechanical resistance and optimize heat transfer, a thinner plasma coating is sprayed around the cylinder. Before the cladding process, the surface of the cylinder is processed with microstructure grooves, and the typical feature size of the microstructure is 100μm or less.

In the past, this kind of surface structuring was processed by machinery or water jet. These traditional technologies have various drawbacks. For example, machining efficiency is low and can only be performed perpendicular to the surface, and tools need to be replaced when processing different parts and slot sizes. Water jet has very high power consumption (120kW per nozzle), and large water consumption (water is polluted by aluminum), which green laser pointer produces a sponge effect in aluminum, which needs to be dried in a vacuum chamber and can only be done on aluminum parts .