Laser light source has obvious advantages

No laser, no projection, the sound of laser light source in the projection industry is getting louder and louder, especially the laser pointer light source dominates various exhibitions, becoming a good story that every projection brand wants to tell. The laser light source is not rootless grass, and now the swaying posture is also due to the powerful “root”.

The advantages of laser light sources determine its good application in the future market, not only in the traditional business and education markets, but also in the current booming engineering market, and even for the home market, laser light sources have huge potential to be tapped.

650nm 10mW Red Light Laser Pointer Pocket

Such a solid “foundation” can naturally allow the laser light source to spread out in various market segments. The main advantages of laser light sources are high brightness, good color, low energy consumption, long life and small size. At the same time, there are five advantageous light sources only laser, LED light source is also very powerful, but it is difficult to break through in brightness, so in the future, it will never be at a level in the competition with laser light source.

Of course, there is no way to fully demonstrate these advantages at present, and the green laser pointer light source also has a high cost, especially when the color display is realized, the problem of the brightness and life of the green light source and the mismatch of red and blue are also plagued by the industry.

The development potential of laser technology is very large. But these difficulties are temporary. They are not as out of reach as LEDs achieve high brightness. You must know that laser light sources were very marginalized four or five years ago. Nowadays, under the pressure of laser light sources, the price of traditional light bulbs has been compressed. Half, we can see how big the impact the laser light source has on the market. In particular, the challenges faced by bright bulb light sources are the biggest, and it is believed that the future bulb factories will face a devastating blow.