The police laser dazzler emits many pulses at one time

The laser pointer suppression jammer is mainly used to interfere with the visible light, low light level and laser and other photoelectric sighting equipment within a certain distance of the enemy, making the enemy’s photoelectric sighting equipment unable to work normally; it can cause temporary visual obstacles to the human eye, but Will not cause permanent damage.

The laser jammer also has night lighting and guiding indicator functions. Its operating distance is not less than 1000 meters, the maximum emission energy is 200 millijoules, and it has continuous shooting function, that is, it can work continuously for 3 seconds at a frequency of 3 Hz, and can emit no less than 3000 pulses per charge, and the total weight is not more than 5 kg.

650nm 10mW Red Light Laser Pointer Pocket

The laser dazzling gun adopts an integrated design of battery, power supply, and laser. Its appearance is similar to that of our army’s 95 steps. It adopts a smooth, non-supporting appearance, which is comfortable to aim at the gun and has good ergonomics. The gun body is integrally molded by nylon injection, with high strength and good sealing, which can meet the waterproof requirements. Due to the volume requirements of optoelectronic components, the whole gun is heavier than 95 steps, nearly 5 kg.

The green laser pointer dazzling gun is one of the “Lightning” series of products. It is mainly used to strike the target’s eyes. The target can be blinded for 10 to 60 seconds, but it will not cause permanent damage. At the same time, the weapon system has intelligent management authority and can record user information and launch records. Can effectively prevent embezzlement.

In addition to the similar appearance, the gun also retains the 95-style small grip and sighting system, that is, a mechanical sight and a white light sight with a magnification of 3 times, but the sight is biased.