The performance characteristics of laser pointer cutting technology in fitness equipment

The laser fiber laser cutting machine has the following performance characteristics:

1. The key components of the series products have undergone CAE analysis, modular design, process manufacturing, and assembly processes. The assembly quality is guaranteed. Scrap cars can be discharged from the left or right.

2. It adopts aviation metal die-cast aluminum beam, special heat treatment, light weight, good rigidity, and stable performance under high-speed operation.

3. Equipped with top European transmission configuration: German Alpha high rigidity 1-arc precision reducer and laser pointer welded gear, Swiss GUDEL 5-level precision rack, German Rexroth guide rail and slider, key transmission components are stable and reliable, and have a long life.

4. Obtained the European Union CE certification, and optional ventilation structure machine top cover, to achieve fully enclosed protection, safe and reliable.

650nm 10mW Red Light Laser Pointer Pocket

5. With high-speed moving speed, acceleration performance and dynamics, high processing efficiency also means that it can create higher benefits.

6. Standard automatic edge patrol (6 seconds), automatic follow, breakpoint return, frog jump cutting, light speed processing, variable frequency zoom cutting, film cutting, sharp corner cutting, fast cutting of thin plates, small hole cutting, flexible entry, corner control cutting , PFC cutting knife, fast perforation of thick plates, etc., at the same time, it is equipped with automatic pressure regulating function of cutting gas as standard. In addition, it can also be equipped with multiple laser application technologies such as aluminum alloy non-burr cutting and high-pressure air cutting.

7. It adopts laser special numerical control system, high-speed CNC and PLC program segment processing speed, 17″ touch screen HMI interface, powerful functions, good man-machine interface interaction, convenient operation, maintenance status monitoring and early warning function, and remote monitoring and other functions .

8. It can be connected to a wealth of automation system interfaces, equipped with automatic loading and unloading devices, easy to achieve automation, and unmanned operation.

9. The whole series of products are equipped with a powerful special cutting database, which can realize fast perforation, and can choose high-speed cutting, normal cutting, precise cutting and other operation modes.

10. It can be equipped with a green laser pointer of up to 20KW; products above 6000W are equipped with cutting-resistant protection and high-heat protection technology, and equipped with a multi-cavity dust removal special system, which can maximize the smoke and dust removal effect.