Water chiller for laser pointer pipe cutting machine

In terms of efficiency, according to a tube cutting manufacturer, a stainless steel tube was cut into sections. The original saw blade required 15 seconds to cut a section of the tube, but laser pointer cutting is now completed in less than 2 seconds, which has increased the efficiency by nearly 10 times. However, a saw blade worth hundreds or even hundreds of dollars is generally worn out after 1,000 cuts and needs to be replaced. Laser cutting can almost achieve unlimited cutting. In this regard, mechanical tools can save a lot of costs.

For the multi-billion-dollar metal pipe market, the laser cutting pipe process has only just begun for a few years, and the future traditional alternatives are very large. In addition, there will be a lot of room for pipe bends and pipe welding after pipe cutting.

For continuous fiber laser cutting applications, Mechatronics mainly introduced special chillers ranging from 500 watts to 20,000 watts. For the laser tube cutting machine using a coaxial 1000 watt laser, the company has a corresponding CWFL-1000 chiller, which integrates suitable products with different powers.

The electromechanical optical fiber chiller can cool the frequency converter and the QBH connector at the same time, and adopts the dual-temperature dual-control mode to provide users with effective temperature control solutions. It is widely favored in the field of laser tube cutting.

650nm 10mW Red Light Laser Pointer Pocket

carrier-based laser short-range defense system installed on the Ponce’s amphibious dock transport ship in the Persian Gulf in the Middle East to successfully destroy the UAV and the surface. Sailing dinghy.

This is a well-arranged test, and two points are worth paying attention to. The Captain of the Ponce has been authorized to use this weapon system, which means that if there is a provocation by a drone or a small boat, this weapon can be used to strike. The Rouss system is not close to the actual combat state, but has been deployed in actual combat.

On the other hand, the test site was selected in the Persian Gulf, which has always been known for its high temperature, high salt, and windy sand. The environmental conditions are very demanding. What kind of weapon system is the Rolls shipboard green laser pointer short-range defense system? What is the level of laser weapon research and development? We have to start with lasers and laser weapons.

Laser (Laser) was originally called “Laser” and “Laser” in Chinese. In 1964, Mr. Qian Xuesen named this stimulated light as laser and it has been continued ever since. In 1958, American scientists Schawlow and Townes irradiated rare earth crystals with neon light in a laboratory in 1958, emitting dazzling, converging beams. They named this light LASER, meaning It is “optical amplification of stimulated radiation”.

In 1964, they both won the Nobel Prize in Physics for their discovery of lasers. The discovery of laser quickly caused a sensation in the scientific community. It was hailed as the fourth and very important invention of mankind in the twentieth century after atomic energy, computers, and semiconductors. It was hailed as the brightest light, the most accurate ruler, and the fastest. Of the knife.