Five applications of ultra-stable pulsed fiber laser pointer

The birth of pulsed laser technology is an important breakthrough in the history of laser pointer development. It has been widely used in many industries and has made great contributions to the upgrading of manufacturing and the promotion of laser technology. Laser has a profound technological accumulation in the field of pulsed fiber lasers. At present, it has a complete pulsed fiber laser product system, which can meet the needs of many industries for different processing applications.

1. Can mark
Pulsed fiber lasers are an ideal choice for marking a wide range of electronic consumer products and industrial products. They have the advantages of good marking quality, fast speed, and high flexibility. They can be used for quality control traceability, anti-counterfeiting, product identification, etc. The laser used for marking has good beam quality (M2<1.3) and finer marking effect; wide pulse width (2-350ns), suitable for more materials; wide frequency range (1-2000KHz), and higher marking efficiency high.

2. Ability to deep carve
Laser deep engraving has the advantages of pollution-free, high precision, flexible engraving content, and can meet the complex engraving process. It can be used for engraving marks on industrial, machine and aerospace devices. The green laser pointer used for deep engraving has large single pulse energy (>1.5mJ), strong deep engraving ability and higher efficiency; high power (>200W), deeper engraving depth; good beam quality, fine deep engraving shading.

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Laser cleaning has a very wide range of applications in industry, including mold cleaning, equipment parts rust removal, high-speed rail rust removal, gear decontamination. The laser used for cleaning has large single pulse energy (>30mJ) and higher cleaning efficiency; high power (up to 500W), which can clean thicker rust layers; even spot energy distribution, cleaning does not damage the substrate.

Laser precision cutting/punching is a major application field of pulsed fiber lasers, and it is also one of the important technologies for 3C processing and application. It can be used in mobile phones, notebook computers, PCB boards, earphones and other electronic products. Traditional computer gong processing technology, the surface of the material is easy to be convex, the problem of hole edge burr, laser precision drilling can avoid such problems.