Graphical process laser pointer in micro-nano processing

The patterning process of micro-nano processing is mainly divided into two technologies: pattern transfer and direct processing. The pattern transfer technology includes three parts: thin film deposition, pattern imaging, and pattern transfer. The direct processing laser pointer beam etching technology has the ability to write directly, avoiding the multi-step process of pattern transfer, by controlling the focused high-energy laser (shortwave/pulse) beam to directly produce fine structures on the etching material, with micron/sub-micron films The etching processing accuracy is suitable for a variety of materials to realize the production of three-dimensional microstructures.

Micro-nano manufacturing technology refers to the design, processing, assembly, integration and application technology of parts with dimensions of millimeters, micrometers, and nanometers, as well as components or systems composed of these parts. Traditional “macro” machinery manufacturing technology can no longer meet the high-precision manufacturing and assembly processing requirements of these “micro” machinery and “micro” systems, and it is necessary to research and apply micro-nano manufacturing technologies and methods. Micro-nano manufacturing technology is the basic means and important foundation for the manufacturing of micro-sensors, micro-actuators, micro-structures and functional micro-nano systems.

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(1) There are two different micro-manufacturing process methods for micro-manufacturing, one is photolithography technology, LIGA technology, bonding technology, packaging technology, etc. based on semiconductor manufacturing process. These process technology methods are relatively mature, but processing materials are common Single, expensive processing equipment and other problems, and can only process two-dimensional or quasi-three-dimensional micromechanical parts with simple structures.

It is impossible to process complex three-dimensional micro-mechanical parts; the other is mechanical micro-machining, which green laser pointer refers to the micro-machining technology formed by traditional machining techniques such as machining, special machining and other forming techniques, which can process three-dimensional complex curved parts. Processing materials are not limited, including micro-grinding, micro-turning, micro-milling, micro-drilling, micro-stamping, micro-forming, etc.

(2) Nano-manufacturing Nano-manufacturing refers to the manufacturing technology of nanoscale structures, devices and systems with specific functions, including nanoimprinting technology, scribing technology, atomic manipulation technology, etc.