Absorb light from the wavelength and convert it into a different laser pointer wavelength

The test has two advantages. The first one is: In principle, it happens often, which is also certain. The second is that the photon is not lost, but just transferred, so it can be used for other purposes. This scheme uses a single fixed rubidium atom, which is cooled to near absolute zero by a laser pointer.

(Absolute zero is approximately equal to 273.15 degrees Celsius below the temperature scale.) A micro-optical resonator, a glass sphere with a width of -30 microns, is used to confine the light to the interaction between a single photon and an atom. Light is input into the resonator through a nano-fiber cable.

Researchers rely on a physical phenomenon they call the “single-photon Raman effect” or SPRINT. This causes the atom to block the transmission of light until a single photon is reflected back, at which time the atom becomes transparent to other photons.

Scientists said that, unlike previous photon extraction methods, the SPRINT effect, in essence, always removes a single photon from the incident beam. Although the researchers currently pass the extracted photons through the detector to verify their findings, the light particles can also be transferred to other places.

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He insisted that his team currently aims to verify the SPRINT effect, not to build an actual quantum communication device. He said: “The implementation process is very complicated, which is why no one has done it before. Combining multiple technologies, and the combination of technologies is very challenging. This is why we have spent many years setting up this laboratory and experiment. The reason for the setting.”

The use of ultra-cold atoms is beyond the scope of commercial systems; but Dayan pointed out that researchers are conducting a series of technical studies aimed at simulating the unique properties of atoms, including quantum dots—miniature semiconductors that can exhibit interesting quantum effects. For example, it can absorb light from wavelengths and convert it into high-saturation light of different wavelengths green laser pointer. Once one of the technologies matures, the effect we verified will also become practical.