Can laser pointer treatment really reverse scalp hair loss?

Is it possible to emit laser light from the eyes? By magic. But the ceremony you give you here is too complicated. In addition, if you are in a situation where you need to emit a laser, the preparation time will be very long. If it is used for video, you must add a green laser pointer effect after shooting the scene.

Isn’t it weird for a man to perform laser hair removal on his arms and legs? Not at all, why is this happening? I see more and more people being shaved. Some of my friends saw me being shaved, and some people asked me why I did it. For me, the smooth feel is what makes me like it. Some people who saw me tried it, and most of them went very well. Many nudists are very smooth all over.

I started to shave a few years ago, and after the first shave, I became addicted. I have been shaving, and on the last day of 2020, I finished my first whole body laser hair removal, starting from under my neck. I want it to be smooth after all sessions are completed, so that I don’t have to bother saving and keep it smooth all the time.

Blue Laser Pointer Pen Visible

I also want to know why you care about other people’s views? This is your body, so if you like its smoothness and shavedness, enjoy your body and never let others determine your appearance, your behavior,… live your life.

Can laser treatment really reverse scalp hair loss? If you are talking about some light treatments that I think they call laser pointer treatments, some may actually be that I don’t see any evidence that they are in my practice and based on what my patients have done must be someone who was excited about it many years ago , But the people I talk to don’t even discuss it anymore because I don’t think it will work

Having said that, I can’t say with certainty that no one gets any benefit. I haven’t seen it among any of my colleagues. The office is just in a place that I think has no credibility. Based on my experience, it’s back to Prp, hair transplantation, Rogaine, Propecia, certain supplements. But there is no doubt that it is very difficult to reverse hair loss. No matter what you do, the hair is not enough, at least not yet waiting for that breakthrough. When you can really clone the hair you need and transplant them, it will be revolutionary.