Can laser pointer shoot down hypersonic missiles?

In concept it’s miles possible. In exercise, things are a great deal extra complex. Considering that i am no longer an engineer, please maintain my word. Hypersonic missiles are designed to perform in a flight envelope, which has a totally huge hassle, specifically the running temperature. That is why those motors are normally made of very dense and warmth-resistant substances, which include tungsten or titanium.

Melting those metals with directed energy high power laser pointer is complex because their melting factors are tons higher than 2000 degrees Celsius. Maybe you can use the reality that the melting point is close to 2000 degrees, because the missile heats up throughout flight, so it is able to be very hot inside the very last degree. In concept, you may use a laser to warmth it up a touch to claim that the car shape is critically broken.

RGB High Tech Handheld Laser Pointer

If the laser can exchange the aerodynamic float of the plane layout specifications in some manner, thereby destroying its flight characteristics, it can affect the missile. But, this does not imply that it is easy, because the green laser need to be difficult to fasten onto very fast flying automobiles. Furthermore, it can only be achieved in the line of sight of the laser cannon.

The laser in the earth’s environment has many troubles related to its dispersion. The atmosphere absorbs a whole lot of radiation, and the natural diffraction of mild modifications the final excellent of the beam, so you need to have a totally consistent, very targeted and really powerful laser to present it a higher chance of “hit” the target. Perhaps you can also harm a few other external additives, guide systems or warheads (if any).

This isn’t always impossible, however it is very tough. At least with contemporary generation. What’s the cutting-edge development of blue laser pointer protection technology? The Israeli army tested the aerial laser gadget mounted at the aircraft, which intercepted and destroyed drones at special distances and flight altitudes. The disadvantage of the laser [defense] device is that it cannot work generally in low visibility, cloud cover, and other excessive weather. The plane-mounted version of the laser is designed to circumvent this dilemma to a certain extent by using placing the system above the clouds.