Why do cats like to chase red laser pointer lights?

Is the development of a cat playing with a high power laser pointer different from that of a cat playing with a physical toy? I grew up in the religion of the big red dot. It was taught to us when we were very young, although I hope it is based on almost the same principles that my grandparents were taught. What is its basis? “If it moves, kill it”. All cats are taught to be kittens.

We have a lot of rods in our eyes. I think this might be too technical for you, but it means that we can detect movement even when it is very dark. We have been taught that any small movable thing can be prey. The way our eyes work is that we see movement, which tells us to strike fast to death.

What you humans call these little red “laser lights” provide a very good training course for our cat. Somehow, the little red dot flew here, paused, and then rushed to the other side of the room. You know why? Because we cats must learn to attack fast and fast to catch something. This is what the big red dot wants to mean-“You have to move and keep the groove, so that your catch will be smooth”.

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It may be fun to learn to be a good predator while chasing that little red dot, but it will only really strengthen the tracking and swooping, it didn’t really give us a meal at the end of the session, so we had to meow Humans come to feed us, or better to give us snacks.

I remember when I was young, in my first human house, I was chasing red dots. This is almost my favorite thing to do. Then my guy said I was a bad cat, I beat her German Shepherd (if he hadn’t been bullying Sasha and me all the time, I wouldn’t do it), and she listed our two cats in one Kind of something called kijiji. Yeah. We are even “free”.

Guess she thinks I might do it again with Shep, or with the St. Bernard dog and Afghans who live with us, so before she has to pay another veterinarian, it will be “Goodbye, So long to get rid of-let’s get out of here” a few dollar bill.

At that time I lost my big red spot. My newcomer is a teacher from the Durham District School Board, and he was told that these green laser lights can be dangerous. He told me that his school board prohibits the use of them, because if they get into my eyes, they will cause blindness.

He said they were even banned near the airport because some stupid people kept pointing at the plane during takeoff and landing. In my opinion, that is a lot of cats $#!+. Since childhood we have been taught to look at the floor where the point is, never to look up where it comes from. Our job is to track and raid, not to try to figure out where the light came from.

Instead, my new humans started letting me play with wand toys, catnip-filled mice, and balls. He said they are safer. I’m not sure if they are as good as the red dots that make me a cat. I miss the good times of running, jumping, diving and gliding while chasing the red dot, but this person gave me good food blue laser pointer and did most of the things I meowed to him, so I want to live even if it’s not very It can be tolerated well.