Different colors of laser pointer are obviously different

The brightness of the two-color laser bomb is also different. In other words, green is more smart. The cursor and cursor strength of different colors are different. Some of them are lit by double infrared light, and the lights are blue and purple for three times. Some of them are basically two kinds of profits, one of which is double calm or bright purple and blue. It is necessary to provide information on laser extraction methods. The length of the axis can be known. Although both laser cursors are bright, representing the same mileage in red, the green route must be selected. About 3 miles, we are good or bad, depending on where we use it. In general, flip pens (flip) usually rust. Because of the low price, the cursor is mostly green.

The principle and medium of light are also different. The laser is good or bad, depending on what you think. If you want a high-energy method, use blue light to pass 400 yuan, 900 yuan and about 23000 yuan (target radiation). The Green Lantern shortens the alignment of the red light, increases energy and brings more harm to mankind. The distance between blue and purple light and visible light is the shortest, and light is the greatest energy. In addition, the operation of Green laser pointer is much more complex than that of red laser, which requires crystallization conversion, low efficiency and huge cost, not to mention that the complex structure leads to much more serious false emissivity than red laser. If it’s cheap and you see the beam, choose the green light.