What is the difference between a laser pointer and a laser flashlight?

Laser is an attribute. The so-called laser light should be another name for Laser pointer or laser flashlights. Hand-held lasers can be played in your hands. At present, there are two types of external shapes that are recognized: pen type, what you call laser pointer; and another type of flashlight, namely laser flashlight. The laser pointer is suitable for low power, generally within 50mw with a pen type. With power greater than 50mw, flashlight type. Because of the high power, the laser module is large, the pen-type casing cannot be installed, and the heat dissipation is not good. It needs a shell like a flashlight to install it, and heat dissipation is good. At the same power, in fact, the difference between different color lasers, green light, red light, and blue light, is not too big. At least visually. The main determinant of laser heat is power. The greater the laser power, the stronger.

Laser (LASER) is the light that is stimulated by atoms and was first discovered by Einstein in 1916. Laser is another major invention of mankind since the 20th century after nuclear energy, computers, and semiconductors. It has the characteristics of high brightness, pure color, and high energy. The application of laser is very wide, mainly including laser marking, laser welding, laser cutting and so on. The laser pointer consists of a diode-pumped solid-state laser that doubles the infrared pump frequency. The diode usually produces red, green, blue and violet light beams with higher visible light power, usually up to 300 mW. The original laser pointer has certain safety hazards, because if it is pointed at the skin or eyes, it may be very dangerous and cause serious damage, so please use it carefully. A laser pointer was introduced to use low-power laser tools in daily use. Laser pointers are most commonly used in business or educational presentations to highlight or point out certain things. Higher power laser pointers are also used in astronomy to point out celestial bodies. Laser pointers can also be used in many other ways, such as weapons for aiming accuracy and spirit levels for construction.