What function can the low-power green laser pointer achieve?

This practical new type has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, reliable characteristics, good beam quality and low productivity (about 1 MW). Crystal composition самоумножен The crystal coating treatment frequency of the crystal is doubled to stage octave frequency doubling. The crystal surface is coated with two transparent faces and promotes absorption light pump, 1.05 1.1mm, the basic fluctuation frequency is 0.525 0.55mm, the multiplication output medium is 0.1 – 15mm, and the thickness of the drill bit between translucency is 0.1 – 15mm; Semiconductor laser diode pump semiconductor frequency doubling crystal. After the purple pump reaches a certain value, the green light is directly emitted from the multi frequency crystal. The widely used nd synthetic crystal: yw04 + KTP has low performance and low performance, maintaining the advantages of laser circuit. Its design is simple, small capacity, comfortable installation, reliable performance and output power do not exceed IMW. It can easily replace the viscous crystal of Nd: yw04c + KTP in ordinary Green laser pointer without replacing other elements. The low-cost traffic lights of international safety standards promote large-scale industrial production and provide good prospects for the application of conferences, communications, medicine, military and scientific research, such as in daily life.

In modern society, the green laser pen is easy to be used in conferences, activities, museums and mountaineering. The main structure of the green laser pen is the micro index laser injected by the laser (laser or LD). Green low-energy lasers are relatively small, and their high brightness, high precision and sensitivity to the eyes may pose a greater threat to the eyes. At present, in many developed countries (such as the United States, Australia, etc.).The low-energy green Laser pointer avoids the problems of high cost and complex processing and assembly.