Laser Pointer Pen Common Knowledge

Hi there, in order to make it easily for you to choose your favorite laser pointer , now I’m gonna share knowledge about laser pen .

How a laser pointer work?

Laser pointer becoming more and more popular in daily life, people use them in many occasions, it features long range straight spot and laser beam which has an outstanding performance, but do you know how these small handheld devices work?Here is the picture of a internal structure:

laser pointer stucture one

laser pointer stucture two

Laser diode is the main parts of a laser, based on that, lasers with different power or wavelength may have different diode.Lasers that produce pulses can also be characterized based on the peak power of each pulse. The peak power of a pulsed laser is many orders of magnitude greater than its average power.

What could a laser do?

Lasers have been got a wide variety of applications in daily life.Different applications depends on different output powers.Class I and ClassII laser pen is perfect for presentation, and astronomy stargazing. Class III laser pointer would be fine for burning experiment.Class IV laser is always referred to a burning laser pointer which is used for experiment, scientific research, military targeting etc.Some lasers can also be used as laser sight:

●Outdoor & Hiking: Adjustable focus beam makes bright ways for any outdoor terrain.

●Hunting and Targeting: Observation of wildlife, military targeting, detection at long distance without being noticed and causing alarm.


How to ensure your safety when use a laser?

There are some notes you should remember deeply in your mind:

●Never staring at laser pointers no matter which class they belong to.

●Never try to point your laser pointer to any human & animals, and moving vehicles.

●Wear your laser goggles before using your burning laser .