IPhone8 Will Use Rear Laser System

Apple plans to use a rear-mounted laser system on the upcoming iPhone 8, which will help enhance the use of real-world features such as ARKit, while achieving faster and more accurate autofocusing.

According to sources familiar with Apple’s plans, the company is developing a VSCEL laser pointer system, and will be integrated in the fall of this year’s iPhone 8. The system is located on the back of the phone, which achieves faster camera focus by calculating laser ranging.

In addition, this system can also achieve accurate depth mapping, which is an advantage of AR applications. At present, Apple’s ARKit relies heavily on the complex algorithms derived from the optical information provided by the iPhone’s iSight camera.

In contrast to the rumors of the previous front-end 3D sensing camera, the report said Apple would also deploy the VSCEL technology for the rear camera. The system can calculate the depth of the object by calculating the laser time to calculate the depth of the object information, you can get very precise depth of projection data, for AR applications, and now by the AR11 ARKit 11 AR ARI is based on iPhone’s iSight camera.

In addition, the report also mentioned that the rear green laser pointer transmitter can also help to achieve faster and more accurate auto focus function, a similar system can generally be seen in digital SLR cameras, but in such as smart phones such as small size equipment Did not appear.

Apple intends to embed a 3D scanning system into the iPhone’s front FaceTime camera. The system also integrates VSCEL infrared modules, professional receivers and traditional color RGB camera modules. From today’s report, Apple wants to do the same thing for the iSight camera.