Laser Communication and Imaging

Laser communication is wireless connections through the atmosphere. It is now able to send information at data rates up to several Gbps and at a distance of thousands of kilometers apart.

The information is sent to the light modulator which is connected with blue laser. The modulator processes the information on a laser by adjusting amplitude, frequency or phase. Then the information is transmitted by optical antenna. At the receiving end, the oscillator and signal are mixed and then transformed into the original information by the photoelectric balance detector and loop filter, after amplification and demodulation.

Laser communication has the advantages of small transmission loss, long transmission distance, high communication quality, large communication capacity, strong confidentiality and light structure. It is mainly used for ground communication, global communication and interstellar communication.


Laser imaging: Illuminate the target with the three frequency shift laser beam to produce the moving interference fringes on the surface, then receive the echo with energy detector and demodulate echo to get the the Fourier amplitude and phase spectrum of target on the surface. Finally, eliminate the atmospheric jitter by closure phase and reconstruct the target image by the Fourier inversion.

Our precision manufactured lasers and laser pointer systems deliver the highest possible laser graphic imaging performance on a wide variety of materials, including marble, wood, glass, plastics, painted metals, textiles, anodized aluminum and more. The imaging system has the advantages of high resolution and ultra long range imaging. It can also overcome the atmospheric turbulence.