Turn the earth’s atmosphere into a magnifying glass laser pointer

A laser device turns the atmosphere of the earth into a large “magnifying glass”, which sounds like a plot from a science fiction movie. At present, British BAE Aerospace Systems is developing a new type of directional energy laser pointer equipment and lens system to facilitate military personnel to detect enemy activities. At the same time, it can also be used as a “guide shield” to prevent aircraft from being attacked by the enemy.

This new type of laser device is called a laser atmospheric lens, which allows the aircraft sensor to collect more light and obtain more information in the area below. The laser atmospheric lens uses a high pulse power laser and uses a phenomenon called the “Kerr effect” to temporarily ionize small areas of the atmosphere. Using this ionized atmosphere can be used as a mirror or magnifying glass to observe the enemy’s activities more closely. It is reported that this spy laser device is still a design concept and is expected to become a reality within 50 years.

The “Daily Mail” report directly pointed to the key in the title-“Military spy laser can turn the earth’s atmosphere into a giant magnifying glass to monitor enemy countries.” According to the report, according to the new weapon concept proposed by BAE Systems, it incorporates the latest directed energy weapon technology. In the future, lasers will be used to create a lens-like structure in the earth’s atmosphere, which can help one’s peer to see enemy countries and form a “deflection shield.” “To protect the aircraft from enemy attacks. The company claims that it is expected to complete the practical system by 2067.

According to the report, BAE Systems calls the system “green laser pointer Advanced Atmospheric Lens” (LDAL), which is a device that uses a directed energy laser to form a lens system in the atmosphere. Although it is still a concept, LDAL is not a fantasy, but is based on known scientific principles. In addition, BAE Systems recently announced a series of “brain-open” future projects, including the use of “chemical computer” technology to “plant” drones in the cultivation tank, so that the production cycle of drones can be changed from A few years were shortened to a few weeks. The company’s future technology expert Nick Kolossimo excitedly declared: “These world’s top scientists in the UK are developing disruptive emerging technologies that were unimaginable 5 or 10 years ago.”