3D Printing Technology Breaks Through The Bottleneck of Laser Pointer Manufacturing

As one of the four major inventions of the 20th century that can be as famous as atomic energy, semiconductors, and computers, laser technology has gone through a rapid development process for more than 50 years and has had an important role and influence on the development of human society. With the gradual development of science and technology, laser technology is widely used in various fields such as life, production, and medical treatment, and it plays a huge role.

Advanced manufacturing technology and equipment is the “top priority” discipline of the Zhejiang University of Technology. The professor entered the Zhejiang University of Technology in 1993 to engage in teaching and research work. Industrial application and development of high-end equipment manufacturing technology. As the executive director of Zhejiang High-end Laser Manufacturing Equipment Collaborative Innovation Center, he takes the applied research of laser processing technology and laser surface modification technology as the main attack and characteristic research direction.

As the first complete person, he won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, the first prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award, and the first prize of the Zhejiang Science and Technology Award, bringing the laboratory research level to the forefront of the country. Now, under the promotion of the National Natural Science Foundation of China-Zhejiang “Industrialization and Industrialization” Fund, the team has put forward the “basic research on metal additive manufacturing technology based on supersonic laser pointer deposition”, focusing on “supersonic cold spray + laser technology” “This new type of 3D printing technology.

3D printing manufacturing technology has become the main trend of a new generation of laser manufacturing, which is constantly changing the traditional manufacturing model, and quickly printing human imaginations into real objects. At present, the research group has proposed for the first time in the world the idea of ​​combining supersonic cold spray deposition with laser technology to achieve metal 3D printing. In order to apply it to production faster and better, on the basis of preliminary basic research, the Collaborative Innovation Center has also accelerated the pace of international cooperation.

Through the introduction of technology and overseas intelligence, leapfrog development is achieved. On the basis of preliminary research, the Collaborative Innovation Center has combined with Cambridge University and other top teams at home and abroad, through the coupling relationship between the supersonic momentum field and the temperature field of high-energy green laser pointer beams, etc. Research on the solid-state bonding mechanism between the particles of the deposited layer and the deposited layer, as well as the generation mechanism of defects and stress during the formation of additive manufacturing, obtain the necessary laser pointer technology and quality control methods for additive manufacturing and break the existing metal Partial additive manufacturing technology bottleneck, and finally use this technology to achieve high-efficiency, high-quality, low-cost intelligent additive manufacturing of key components of high-end equipment, providing key technical support for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing in Zhejiang and even the whole country.