Change Life Everywhere Laser Pointer Technology

Since the birth of laser in the middle of the last century, it has long been no longer limited to laboratories, but has penetrated into human production and life pervasively. Whether in the field of industrial manufacturing, medical treatment, entertainment and other industries, examples of “laser changing life” Everywhere.

Sometimes, the laser is far out of ordinary people’s field of vision, such as: laser weapons on the battlefield, long-range laser welding in automobile manufacturing, and laser processing of solar cells. Sometimes, it is accompanied by a shadow, such as: barcode laser scanning in supermarkets, fast and convenient fiber broadband network at home, and weird laser pointer dances on the catwalk. For the ubiquitous laser, humans seem to have a good understanding of the application.

However, the exploration is endless, and the application is endless. Today’s laser technology and applications are constantly challenging people’s imagination. As everyone knows, the manufacture of many products has experienced three stages from “mass production” to “mass production” and then to “individual customized production”. For example, a personalized bicycle named “Erembald” made a cool appearance on the streets of Belgium and was dubbed the “stainless steel artwork”. Through flexible laser cutting processing, the stainless steel frame tube body of this global limited edition two-wheeler presents a unique three-dimensional hollow pattern, which is not only strong and beautiful, but also reduces the weight of the whole vehicle. And the owner’s name is engraved on the car, highlighting the private nature of the car. Nowadays, laser cutting and laser marking are popular among makers due to their small batch production and flexible processing characteristics.

High-precision technology enters civilian life. In terms of laser precision welding technology and applications, the laser industry leaders have always invested heavily in research and development. In the past, laser seamless welding technology was only used in high-precision manufacturing fields such as automobiles, ships, and airplanes to ensure the stability and safety of the overall structure of the fuselage. The magical light of laser enters the home appliance manufacturing industry. For example, the new uniform power washing machine of Haier washing machine has changed the “buckle” manufacturing process used in the manufacture of stainless steel inner tub of washing machine, but adopted laser seamless welding technology to improve the inner tub. Reliability and refinement, the dehydration efficiency is greatly improved.

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Perhaps many people do not know that in the period when non-smartphones were popular, the character logos on many mobile phone keys were processed by green laser pointer technology; in the era of smart phones, in addition to laser spot welding, which is widely used in mobile phone manufacturing, Laser cutting and laser engraving technology, as well as laser focusing technology that can make mobile phones take pictures faster and focus, and laser smart projection technology that can project virtual touch screens on the desktop and project mobile phone videos/pictures on the wall. As an advanced processing method, laser technology shows more and more advantages in precision processing.

Recently, the Magnus diamond cutting equipment of India’s Sahajanand Technology Company won the prestigious “Japan Good Design Award”. The equipment uses laser technology and digital technology to automatically measure and cut rough diamonds. The whole processing process is easy and efficient: Put the rough stone on the workbench, and the equipment can obtain rough information such as weight, shape, and clarity.

Then the system software analyzes what shape the rough stone can be cut into, and plans the best cutting plan; after laser cutting according to the plan, the diamond can show a dazzling diamond fire effect and ensure the safety of cutting And the least weight loss of diamonds. In addition, new things such as laser metal 3D printing, laser giant screen cinema, etc. are gradually emerging in the expectation; laser technology is continuing to penetrate into important pillar industries and become an important technical force.