Femtosecond technology innovation in technology and laser pointer application

The accuracy of surgery has been greatly improved. In addition, the effect of femtosecond green laser pointer LASIK myopia surgery is far better than ordinary LASIK myopia surgery, and the postoperative recovery period is greatly reduced. Half-femtosecond laser correction surgery has been verified by accumulated cases in the past ten years and is already a relatively stable and mature laser surgery. In half-femtosecond laser surgery, the femtosecond laser is only responsible for the person who makes the flap, which is why it is called half-femtosecond or flap femtosecond. During the entire operation, only one laser femtosecond device is needed, which is more simplified in operation, and the postoperative incision is very small.

The biggest advantage of half-femtosecond laser surgery is the precise thickness, uniform thickness and smooth surface of the corneal flap it manufactures, and it can produce a thinner corneal flap. Half-femtosecond laser surgery is a full-course knifeless operation. It is a great improvement over excimer laser surgery in terms of safety and recovery speed. Compared with half-femtosecond technology, full-femtosecond technology is currently the newest technology, and it is a kind of refractive surgery that does not require the production of an open flap. However, compared with traditional half-femtosecond laser surgery, the shortcomings of full femtosecond are also very obvious.

The range of light area used by all femtosecond lasers is very narrow, conventionally 6.0mm, and the maximum light area is only 6.5mm. It is for this reason that the full femtosecond treatment range is greatly restricted, and it can generally only be used to treat myopia of 800 to 1000 degrees. In order to achieve “no flap”, full femtoseconds need to hit two layers of laser on the cornea, which will cause more corneal loss. Regarding various laser corrective surgery, the public is most concerned about the safety of the operation.

Regardless of the above-mentioned surgical methods, the absolute safety of the operation cannot be guaranteed. During the preoperative examination, the doctor will recommend the most appropriate surgical method based on the comprehensive conditions of the myopia patient’s corneal thickness, curvature, ocular surface, and fundus. The application of laser pointer femtosecond technology in vision correction is a direct manifestation of the benefit of scientific and technological progress. With the innovation of laser pointer femtosecond technology in technology and application, its surgical effect and safety will be further improved, and our lives will definitely be changed more by it.