Currently myopia cannot be cured by laser pointer surgery

According to the results of the 2018 National Children and Adolescent Myopia Survey published by the National Health Commission, the overall myopia rate of children and adolescents in my country in 2018 was 53.6%, and the incidence is severe. Some parents place their hopes on the treatment of myopia, and many businesses claim that it can cure myopia. However, experts pointed out that there is currently no medical cure for green laser pointer, and appealed to the public not to believe in propaganda and commercial marketing that can cure myopia.

Previously, in response to the current problems of false and exaggerated publicity, the National Health Commission and other 6 departments issued a document requiring institutions or individuals engaged in the correction of children and adolescents to not use “rehabilitation”, “recovery”, and “reduction” in external publicity for myopia correction. “Myopia cure”, “myopia nemesis” and other expressions mislead myopic children and adolescents and their parents.

Can laser surgery get rid of myopia? Hu Ailian, director of the Blindness Prevention Office of Beijing Tongren Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University, said that myopia is a change in the structure of the eye. Laser surgery only changes the refractive power of the cornea and focuses light on the retina to help patients see clearly. Correction means, but can not change the anatomical structure of myopic axis elongated. laser pointer surgery is not recommended for everyone to do it, you have to go to the hospital to check whether the operation can be performed.

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