The US Air Force Research Laboratory will equip the military with a new laser pointer weapon system

The US Air Force Research Laboratory established the Air Force’s first high-energy laser weapon system overseas for a 12-month field evaluation. The Office of Strategic Development Planning and Experimentation of the Air Force at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio is leading the project. Dr. Michael Kyrgyz, Director of Basic Defense Experiments, Office of Strategic Development Planning and Experiments, said: “During the field assessment, the commander receiving combatants will use the system as a combat asset against small UAV systems.”

In the 12-month field evaluation, the Air Force will evaluate five systems. The field evaluation began in January 2018, when the US Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff General Stephen Wilson asked the Air Force to test the directional energy system in an effort to transform the game-changing capabilities into fighters.

The Air Force will evaluate the Raytheon high-energy green laser pointer weapon system, the Raytheon high-power microwave and the AFRL tactical high-power combat responder drone killer. Director of Directed Energy said: “Thor is a game changer in directed energy. Drones are becoming more and more common and can be used as weapons to cause damage to our military bases at long distances. We built Thor weapons. Systems to stop these types of threats. With its anti-electronic technology, Raytheon can shoot down groups of drones in rapid firepower. This capability will be a great asset for our fighters and national defense.”

Prior to conducting the current on-site evaluation, the Air Force SDPE Office successfully led the operation of laser and high-power microwave test activities at the Missile Range in New Mexico in the fall of 2018 and the mobile fire integration in the fall of 2019. Experimental activities in Oklahoma Held in Fort Hill State.

“Overseas field assessments allow us to understand directed energy as the ability to counter drones. This gives us a better understanding of military use, reliability and sustainability, training requirements, and the implementation of existing basic defenses. “Kyrgyz said. According to Kyrgyzstan, in the next 12 months, the Air Force Research Laboratory will determine how the Air Force will use high-energy laser pointer weapon systems and high-power microwaves to deal with small drones to move forward. He said: “The intent of these systems will be operational within 12 months of the combatant commander.