Laser energy-saving gun can directly output Chinese characters

This part is the result of new scientific research released last year and this year. In addition to the states on the previous page, this mode will also have more complex laser modes, which are actually different Hermitian Gaussian beams and Laguerre The complex superposition of Gaussian beams. On the left is the superposition state of the Hermitian Gaussian beams of the same order. In fact, the order will be different. Then their different orders are superimposed to produce more novel patterns.

In fact, there are some reports on the left, but the picture on the right is our latest result, and there is no relevant report before. Like the middle figure C, you can see this pattern distribution, like 010, like the area code of Beijing, it can produce many novel patterns, it is the result of a superposition of non-same order patterns. We have verified in principle and experiment that the laser pointer modes of different orders can be superimposed coherently, and the result of superposition will produce very rich laser mode patterns.

Let’s look at a more complex pattern, a pattern a bit like a butterfly, which is the first time we have discovered. There is also a Chinese character-like mode here, like a laser energy-saving gun that can directly output Chinese characters. In addition, we can adjust the laser cavity structure parameters to achieve more controllable and continuous mode changes. It is possible to output a complex pattern like the picture on the right. It is not simple. It is superimposed on the basic patterns like the one I just mentioned. The complex state is similar to the geometric structure to present it.

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In addition, everything we introduced earlier is a fundamental frequency. The so-called fundamental frequency laser means that we only consider this one frequency and it is not converted to other frequencies. If we consider non-linear effects, we will do some frequency conversion. Then this laser mode will show a kind of spatial change, then as the transmission process, its light intensity distribution in the XY plane will change continuously.

Like our picture, it is actually intuitive. This is the state that is very close to the small dot in the middle and gradually diverges outward. During the divergence, the green laser pointer three light spots are gradually expanding. During the expansion process, their patterns, The distribution will shift. Then I will introduce the light beams mentioned earlier. They may have some prospects for applications in additive manufacturing. In fact, some reports have already shown them.