Air Defense Missile Laser Pointer Technology Applied to Civil Security Field

The first trick: civilian missiles! This is the “Skynet One” low-altitude defense interception system, which was put into use as early as 2011, with good results. The laser pointer system consists of fixed launchers and missiles, and mobile launchers can also be used. Its shape is quite similar to that of ordinary quadruple air defense missiles. Its missiles use basically silent gunpowder launching technology. The initial velocity is not high, about 100 meters per second. It uses high-altitude net-type interception technology, that is, when flying near the target, it is released. A large net with a diameter of 3 meters entangles the opponent, causing its control and power system to fail, and uses a parachute to ensure a smooth landing. This smokeless, flameless, light, and low-sound feature is very suitable for use in densely populated areas. It can not only force-land drones, airplanes or balloons, but also prevent their flyers or suspicious objects from flying around.

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The second measure: civilian laser cannon! The “Low Altitude Guard” laser security system, which was publicly exposed in 2014, works a bit rougher. It uses an invisible laser to destroy the target. It only takes 5 seconds to destroy the target without collateral damage. After that, the “low-altitude guard” can quickly switch to tracking and striking the next target. The system has undergone many successful tests and demonstrations, and has shot down more than 30 typical small aircraft such as fixed-wing, multi-rotor, and helicopter, with a success rate of 100%. The interception distance of this system is not less than 2 kilometers, and the defense area of ​​a single system is 12 square kilometers. If this system is further strengthened, it can become a military anti-aircraft weapon and has great potential.

These two tricks are absolutely effective for drones. They can be destroyed and captured. They are very effective in dealing with the hidden dangers of small drones and solving this worldwide problem! These two technologies seem very simple, and there is nothing difficult to talk about. In fact, the things behind them are not ordinary technologies. “Skynet One” is actually applying military air defense missile technology to the civilian security field; “Low Altitude Guard” applies the latest blue laser pointer weapon technology, which is absolutely high-tech and level enough. As for other countries, maybe they have the relevant technology or even higher level, but unfortunately they have not changed their thinking, otherwise they will not let China take the lead!