China’s mysterious laser pointer weapon specializes in small drones

In recent years, Japan and other countries have successively exposed the accidental fall of small drones into the core area. Many of them laser pointer only knew what happened when the wreckage of the drone was discovered after the crash. Small aircraft, small in size, low altitude and low speed, and even silent approaching, no matter what means are used, it is difficult to handle, giving people a sense of helplessness.

Regardless of the ability to hit satellites and intercept ballistic missiles, it is still a headache to deal with drones, and I still dare not say that I have done it. As a result, people classify dealing with small drones as a “temporarily unsolvable” problem, which has become a world-recognized problem in the security field.

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In the picture below, on April 22, 2015, Tokyo, Japan, a small drone fell on the roof of the Prime Minister’s residence. How to deal with these uninvited small drones has become a headache for the management department, and it can even be said to be a worldwide problem. Faced with this problem, people have been thinking about ways to solve electronic interference. If you want to use drones to catch inorganic substances, you have to train falcons to catch fast.

China is also facing this problem, but it is much easier to deal with, and it has developed its own tactics. Many drones disregard restrictions and enter some restricted areas indiscriminately, such as airports and major event sites. Whether it is intentional or accidental, it has brought huge security risks. Especially in the process of taking off and landing, if the blue laser pointer drone breaks and enters, once the encounter occurs, the consequences will be disastrous. Naturally, we also used our brains to think of a way, but we changed our mindset, so we made two moves.