Kilowatt fiber laser technology has matured

Fiber lasers combine active (laser gain) fiber with one or more pump lasers (usually laser diodes). There are many types of fiber laser pointer, including low-power continuous (CW) lasers, low-energy and high-energy pulsed lasers, including ultrafast fiber lasers. But when it comes to fiber lasers, many people may think of only kilowatt continuous fiber lasers. This type of fiber lasers are mainly used for material processing, including cutting, welding, brazing, surface treatment and many other applications, and fiber lasers are being studied for military applications. As a directed energy weapon.

The fiber is essentially a very thin long rod. This structure makes it one of two lasers with a particularly high surface area to volume ratio (the other is a disc laser-wide, extremely short Rod), this type of laser is easier to keep cool. The structure of fiber laser is relatively simple and easy to maintain; and this type of laser is compact, and because of the use of laser diode pumping, it is firm and has a long life.

The company’s market development manager outlined the wavelength and power range of kilowatt-level fiber lasers. “IPG produces standard kilowatt-class CW lasers with wavelengths of 1μm (ytterbium-doped fiber) and 1.5μm (erbium-doped fiber), as well as custom-made kilowatt-class fiber lasers with wavelengths of 2μm (thulium-doped fiber). Lasers with wavelengths between 1.1 and 1.7 μm can be realized.” He said, “Longer wavelengths make processing of non-metallic materials and other new applications possible, and are considered safe for the human eye because people at these wavelengths The eye damage threshold is many orders of magnitude higher than at a wavelength of 1μm.”

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The kilowatt-level fiber laser system works in CW or up to 5kHz modulation mode, and has a dynamic range from 10% to full power without beam divergence or beam profile changes. In the 1μm band, IPG’s single-mode YLS-SM Ytterbium-doped fiber green laser pointer can provide a power range of 1-10kW. These single-mode systems are used in advanced material processing applications that require extremely high power and extremely high brightness, such as fine cutting and surface structuring, cutting of highly reflective metals, micro welding, sintering and engraving, as well as remote processing and orientation energy application.

IPG’s multimode YLS Ytterbium-doped CW fiber laser provides a power range of 1-100kW, and can even customize lasers up to hundreds of kilowatts according to customer requirements. “Markevitch said, “They have many uses, including cutting, drilling, brazing, welding, annealing, heat treatment and cladding. With the continuous improvement of the design, the electro-optical conversion efficiency of the standard industrial YLS system has now reached more than 40%, and the electro-optical conversion efficiency of the YLS-ECO series recorded in the industry exceeds 50%.