Optical fiber obtains single-mode or multi-mode laser pointer beam quality

Rofin produces CW high-power fiber lasers (FL series) with output power between 500 and 8000W, and provides a variety of solutions to irradiate the laser pointer output light to the workpiece. The company’s lasers can be equipped with direct fusion spliced ​​fibers to obtain single-mode or multi-mode beam quality; or equipped with fiber-to-fiber couplers or fiber-to-fiber switches to obtain multi-mode beam quality. This solution allows users to insert up to four optical fibers. For serial or parallel beam applications, Rofin’s laser light source product manager introduced.

The model with fusion spliced ​​fiber is more compact and is a single cabinet; while the model with optical switch has independent accessories for beam management. The laser is used for cutting, welding and surface treatment, as well as various scanning head-based applications supported by integrated scanning head processing.

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According to the introduction, FL series fiber lasers use large mode area double-clad fiber as gain medium. “Including the active single-mode fiber core and the large-diameter cladding, the light beam propagates in it,” he pointed out. “The pump light from the long-life pump module is sent into the cladding from both sides through the pump coupler. They are passive Cool, tolerate independent single failures, and can be replaced on site when needed. The cavity mirror is formed by writing fiber Bragg gratings (FBG).”

The green laser pointer output power of a single fiber laser module reaches 2.4kW, and the rated power is 2kW. Through the all-fiber power combiner, up to four fiber laser units can be combined to obtain a total rated power of 8kW, which can be transmitted to the processing unit through up to four processing fibers with a core diameter of 100μm.