Directed energy laser pointer weapons are very important today

Both types of DEW are fatal to the human body and may cause burns or blindness. At the same time, this weapon can also destroy missiles, ships, unmanned aerial vehicles and equipment circuits deployed on the battlefield. As a key factor in future non-contact warfare, the potential applications of this technology will be used in weapons that can target enemy fighters, personnel, vehicles, missiles and optical equipment.

The doctor said: “Directed energy weapons are very important today, and the whole world is moving in this direction. We have also conducted many related experiments. In the past three to four years, we have committed to the development of 10 kilowatt and 20 kilowatt weapons. ”

Indian media reported that the implementation of the national project includes short-term, medium-term and long-term goals, aiming to develop different DEW models with power up to 100 kilowatts and cooperate with the domestic private sector. The Indian side stated that the development of directed energy weapons in India is a response to the development of China’s DEW technology.

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According to reports, a number of DEW projects are underway to soft kill incoming missiles and aircraft, including chemical oxygen-iodine¬†laser pointer, high-power fiber lasers and secret “Kali” particle beam weapons. The aforementioned projects are not yet operational, but DRDO has developed two anti-UAV DEW systems and demonstrated them to intelligence, defense and police officials. It is said that they have achieved mass production.

One of them is a DEW mounted on a trailer, equipped with a 10 kW laser, which can hit aerial targets within a range of 2 kilometers; the other DEW is mounted on a compact tripod with a 2 kW laser and can reach a range of 1 km. Hit the target within. Officials revealed that both types of DEW can destroy the UAV’s command and control link, or use laser-based DEW to destroy the UAV’s electronic equipment to shoot down the UAV.