High-energy laser defense system will save mankind from destruction

Scientists in California are testing the “laser pointer defense system” to protect the earth from the devastating blow caused by meteorites. Based on the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the team used high-energy lasers to observe changes in meteorites from space on Earth to find a way to vaporize them.

Researchers will obtain a complete defense system by scaling up to protect us from imminent annihilation. The person in charge of the project said: “This is not a question of whether or not, but when. She said: “Our challenge is to figure out how to avoid it before a disaster occurs. It has become a very likely event that a large celestial body will hit the earth.

3000mw Laser Pointer Mini Flashlight Shaped

Is a member of the laboratory planetary defense team, the team mainly cooperates to find ways to avoid asteroid impact. So far, about 14,000 NEOs have been confirmed. Among them, 1,600 are within 20 times the distance between the moon and the earth and call them “potentially dangerous asteroids”, which is what the team needs to deal with. Compared with nuclear attacks on asteroids, lasers can reduce the cost.

According to official disclosures, the high-energy green laser pointer of the Indian military currently only reaches the 10kW level, but it is still unknown whether the vision of shooting down the drone can be achieved. While India hopes to hedge China’s DEW technology development through high-energy lasers, it can only be said that the gap is too large and hopeless.

In recent years, in the face of many provocations by the Indian army, our country has always maintained the utmost restraint and strived not to intensify contradictions. However, in the face of planned violent attacks, our officers and soldiers have fought bravely and defeated the enemy in one fell swoop. We love peace, but our sovereignty cannot be violated! The sacrifice and dedication of the frontier guards created the Great Wall of Steel on the frontier!