Laser pointer cutting technology has an irreplaceable position in our lives

Often in the traditional sheet metal processing technology, in order to complete the processing of the metal plate, it takes a period of time to complete a job. Then this technology of laser pointer cutting is used for metal stamping processing, and it only takes a few seconds from the beginning to the end. Then a smooth hole appeared in front of the eyes. The laser used the principle of laser beam to irradiate the metal surface, generating huge energy in an instant, and using this energy to cut the metal.

The laser is a precise ruler, and the cutting accuracy can reach 0.01mm, which is impossible with traditional processing methods. When processing stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet and other metal plates, high precision can achieve one-time processing. , Thereby improving production efficiency.

RGB High Tech Handheld Laser Pointer

In fact, in daily life, the application of laser technology can be seen everywhere, so what industries do fiber laser cutting machines do? Such as the large agricultural machinery and equipment that farmers need to use, the LOGO printed on aluminum alloy, the various fitness equipment we use in the gym, the body of cars and airplanes, and the core components of engines.

The green laser pointer cutting machine is a high-tech application technology of the modern industrial revolution. It is a kind of industrial-grade production equipment with a high penetration rate. It is controlled by a computer program and has good flexible processing, which largely replaces the metal sheet processing process. The die stamping link in the dies, optimizes the production process, and plays an irreplaceable role in the field of mechanical equipment manufacturing.

The laser cutting process has not only become the sharpest “knife” in the manufacturing industry, but also the angular metal tables and chairs, metal side cabinets, or curvaceous small sides of the coffee table and other detailed metal products are almost inseparable Open the laser cutting machine.