Competition for the interests of national security laser pointers is becoming fierce

The strategic game of major powers has entered a period of “close combat”. In recent years, the strategic laser pointer game of major powers has gradually intensified, and the collision of the interests of major powers has accelerated to spread to the core region. Strive to maintain its global leadership position. Russia strives to form a strategic balance of power with the West on the western front, and at the same time opens up a second battlefield in Syria to further strive for strategic initiative.

China actively advocates the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind, and has made substantial progress in the construction of the “Belt and Road” and the reform of the strategy of strengthening the military. Countries such as Japan and India have made arrangements to seek regional dominance. Various signs indicate that the game of great powers has extended from the strategic level to the tactical level. Although the possibility of a large-scale all-round confrontation is unlikely, the stage of local confrontation or “close fighting” has arrived.

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Regional security conflicts have entered a “stalemate” period. The overall stability of the global security situation is mainly attributable to the basic posture of struggle and cooperation between the major powers, and the struggle is not broken. At the same time, the enthusiasm of regional security hotspot issues has not diminished, and has gradually shown a “stalemate” state, especially the escalation of security risks in the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Eastern Europe regions.

As regional security hotspot issues involve the fundamental interests of all parties and are difficult to resolve for the time being, they may enter a stage of long-term turbulence in a controlled state in the future. If the conflict escalates, it may quickly develop into a local war involving multiple parties, which is unwilling to see by all parties concerned.

The development and changes of the international structure and security situation and the green laser pointer development and changes of the world military field echo and influence each other. At present, in the critical period of the transformation of the world structure and system reform, the struggle of various strategic forces around the redistribution of interests has become fierce, and the competition of national security interests has become fierce, which will inevitably trigger a comprehensive adjustment and profound change in the world’s military field. Major countries in the world generally feel that national security is still facing severe challenges, and it is imperative to promote strategic adjustments and military reforms.