Take advantage of rich practical experience and laser pointer technology advantages

From the perspective of the development of military technology and laser pointer weapon equipment, major countries in the world are paying more attention to the development of long-range precision strikes, hypersonics, unmanned autonomous attacks, network power, space weapons, etc. The damage mechanism is accelerating from “mass destruction” to “precision control” “change. In future operations, more emphasis may be placed on effective control combining fixed-point damage and psychological deterrence, and the controllability of war objectives, intensity, methods, scale, and duration may be significantly enhanced.

Theories innovate, and high-end joint operations and unconventional operations theories have developed in parallel. In accordance with the changes in security threats, we will continue to promote innovation in combat theory by using our rich practical experience and technical advantages, and present a trend of parallel development of high-end joint operations and unconventional combat theories.

Accelerate the development of high-end integrated joint operations theory and upgrade “globally integrated operations” to the core measure of “national military strategy.” The essence of this is to achieve combat resources through limited defense resources and weakened overall capabilities. The rational allocation and effective integration of capabilities across domains, regions, institutions, and even countries will enhance the ability to quickly and decisively project power on a global scale.

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The launch of the “rapid assembly joint concept” aims to improve the methods of operations and increase the speed, effectiveness and efficiency of attacks. It is required to respond and assemble within 30-45 days when dealing with a crisis. The concept of “air-sea combat” was renamed “the global commons entry and mobility joint concept”. The core is to expand the role of ground and amphibious forces and strengthen the integration and interoperability with allies and partners.

It should be noted that new concepts and new theories in emerging fields such as aerospace, networks, and unmanned people have been introduced successively. The Air Force released the “Air Force Future Combat Concept”, the core of which is to improve “operation agility”; relying on cloud computing and big data technologies to promote the formation of a full-dimensional, integrated, multi-source penetration “global surveillance-strike network.”

Exploring to rely on man-machine integrated coordinated operations to implement a full green laser pointer range of tactical suppression against the enemy’s defense system from multiple dimensions and multiple directions. Russia has strengthened the construction of underwater unmanned combat forces and has conducted in-depth research on underwater attack, anti-submarine, and anti-aircraft carrier tactics. In the not-too-distant future, there may be astonishing developments in theories of operations in the fields of cyber, space, deep sea, and unmanned operations, which may promote the emergence of more new types of operations.

Practice has shown that high-tech methods are not ideal for low-end opponents or terrorist organizations that are more concealed and adopt asymmetrical combat methods, and even plunge military powers into a quagmire of huge cost and prolonged delay. Therefore, the United States, Russia and other countries have paid more attention to the study of unconventional warfare theory and achieved remarkable results.

Introducing the theory of “mixed warfare” into official documents and relevant regulations, clearly integrating the ability to counter riots, post-war stability and reconstruction, and providing international support into the general task force to train “mixed warriors.” The integration of special operations forces and conventional forces is clearly listed as the key training content. Russia emphasized that security threats are accelerating their transfer to the information field, and inciting people to protest and manipulating information and public opinion has become a new form of confrontation in Western countries. Russia proposes to deeply explore the use of cyber offense and defense, electronic warfare, and special operations.