Quickly transformed into the field of laser pointer weapon equipment research and development

Multi-point breakthroughs in military technology were quickly transformed into the field of weaponry and equipment research and development. In the field of information technology, computer processing capabilities have continued to increase, with a maximum calculation speed of 549 million times per second, and more sophisticated quantum cryptographic communication technology has gradually entered the stage of practical use. In the field of aerospace, research is underway to launch small satellites from high altitudes using F-15 fighters as a platform to greatly reduce the preparation time for operations and reduce their costs by about 60 times; Russia launched the “Cosmos” series of satellites, demonstrating accurate orbit Rendezvous and docking ability to change tracks.

In the field of intelligent technology, “next generation robots” have surfaced. In the field of directed energy technology, a new type of fiber-optic laser pointer developed can successfully hit the engine of a truck from 1.6 kilometers away, and the Army successfully tested land-based tactical laser weapons. It is worth noting that we have stepped up the implementation of the third “offset strategy”, vigorously developed “disruptive technology”, and made significant progress in electromagnetic railguns, unmanned systems, air defense and missile defense, 3D printing, and brain control technology. Maintain the long-term advantages of military technology.

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Weaponry is accelerated to update, and precision strike capabilities are further improved. In terms of army weapons and equipment, it has developed “turning” bullets, which can change the trajectory and guide the shooting to moving targets. Russia has launched the “Amata” T-14 new main battle tank to replace the active T-90 tank, and its army equipment The modernization level exceeds 30%.

In terms of naval weapons and equipment, the Japanese “Kaga” helicopter carrier was launched, and it may be loaded with an improved vertical take-off and landing F-35 fighter in the future; India’s first domestically-made ballistic missile nuclear submarine, the “Enemy Fighter”, went out for sea trials, making it the world The sixth country with nuclear submarines. In terms of air force weapons and equipment, the United States and Russia are stepping up the development of sixth-generation fighters.

The LRS-B stealth bomber and the KC-46A tanker are being developed; Russia is developing the PAK-DA new stealth green laser pointer strategic bomber and the MiG-35 new light fighter. Its fifth-generation fighter T-50 will soon be equipped with troops. In terms of space equipment, Russia has modernized and upgraded the “Windows-M” photoelectric space surveillance system deployed in Tajikistan. It plans to build a “unified space system” including 10 satellites and a new generation of space vehicles, which can not only resist from space Japan’s missile attack also has the ability to destroy opponent’s satellites; Japan plans to increase the number of satellites actually used for intelligence reconnaissance from 4 to 8 after 2023, and launch 2 satellites for data communication with the ground.