Precisely cut textiles with a laser pointer

The market demand for large-format printed textiles is constantly growing. In view of this trend, many companies have increased their research and development efforts for more effective cutting solutions. Therefore, the focus of attention has gradually shifted to efficient and economical processing technology. A market leader in the production of banners and flags has discovered laser pointer technology and realized the benefits of this technology.

To provide customers with high-quality products means that they need to undergo years of improvement and testing before they can be sold. This of course includes using the latest and most efficient manufacturing technology. After purchasing a series of laser cutting systems, he became a pioneer in this field. The processing range of this system is about 10m2, which is most suitable for cutting large-format textiles.

Simple operation, automatic processing, and high quality are all requirements for modern product systems. Although flexibility is still an indispensable criterion, customer needs are becoming increasingly individualized. The system can be used to cut, mark and engrave various contours, including small details. Laser cutting is smooth and simple, because the laser is a universal tool and will not come into contact with the material when used. This saves the processing steps of tool manufacturing, tool modification and material clamping. Of course, there is no problem of blade wear.

RGB High Tech Handheld Laser Pointer

In order to ensure smooth and continuous production, complex conveying system technology, material transportation, identification, positioning and material cutting are all carried out automatically. A carbon dioxide laser beam with a power of 100-600 W is focused on the material to start processing, and the surface of the material is processed with a beam of 0.02mm2.

When exposed to such a focused energy, most materials will sublimate within a fraction of a second, literally evaporating. This requires the introduction of a processing gas (usually simple compressed air) to speed up the cutting process and ensure smooth cutting edges. The smoke generated by cutting will be discharged and filtered, and released to the outside. There will be no worn out materials, fragments or filaments left on the finished product. Usually, laser processed products can already be used for further processing without rework.

For textile patterns or printed materials, the camera uses a clear fiducial mark as a reference to ensure precise cutting along the printed edge. The software can even make up for any accidental distortion of the material. The processing range of the green laser pointer system is as high as 3210 × 3200mm.

The CEO of the company said, “What we are most satisfied with is the accuracy obtained through non-contact and distortion-free cutting. The system can quickly process a roll of flag material. Especially the fusion cutting edge achieved by the thermal laser process is very important to us. This is a great advantage. This means that there will be no threads or stray ends, so time-consuming reprocessing is no longer necessary. Due to the large processing range of the system, we can cut large-format textiles with extreme precision. It has become a unique selling point for us, because there is no other laser cutting system in Austria that can cut such large-format textiles.”

Nowadays, it has become a representative of quality consciousness and quality tradition, and also highlights its modern thinking, strategic flexibility and innovation consciousness. Their success demonstrates how investing in new technologies can enhance a company’s competitive advantage in the international market, thereby promoting the company’s sustainable development in the future.