Laser pointers for professional field directions and research topics

Throughout these experiences, what is the key and important in learning and researching laser pointer work? In most cases, the choice of professional field direction and research topic should take the first place. If the professional direction is wrong, it may become “a place where heroes are useless”; and if the research topic is not properly selected, the result will be meaningless and no practical application value. The published articles are no different from waste paper except for coaxing outsiders. , Wasted time and resources. So how to choose, what is meaningful and valuable, and how to judge?

Let us first discuss the choice of professional direction. Physics is the foundation of many disciplines, and it is extremely beneficial to the cultivation of logical thinking, analysis and problem-solving skills. But after hundreds of years of development, many branches of physics are quite mature, some have passed their peak period, just like a mine has been developed for many years, there are not many treasures left, and there is no need for so many people in those Reclamation in the traditional direction.

Therefore, after the undergraduate or graduate level of physics, for most people, it is not only more promising, but also promising for most people to transfer to the fields related to physics and applications. I personally made adjustments after obtaining a PhD in physics. Considering that the pace of modern society is accelerating, the more difficult it will be to change later. For some people, it is more appropriate to adjust as soon as possible when they are young. The specific direction to choose depends on a long-term analysis and plan based on personal hobbies and the situation at the time. Perhaps the following discussion on the selection of research topics can give some enlightenment to this question.

How to select and evaluate research topics is difficult to satisfy all parties, and there are more controversies in basic research. A considerable part of basic research is driven by curiosity, and it is not known or unclear how much value or application will be in the future. But for the vast majority of research, the selection and evaluation of topics should depend on what kind of useful knowledge and value can ultimately be produced, the actual application and the degree of solving real problems.

This means that the research results of laser pointers should be able to withstand the test in the end, although some basic research may take a long time. This judgment is not entirely determined by peer experts, because peers are not always fair in order to protect the interests and survival of their respective industries. In this case, the participation of third parties or potential users should be necessary and helpful.

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This means that the choice of projects should not only be based on the recognition of peers, but also strive to promote other areas. This requires researchers to have long-term vision and insight, understand the applications and needs of other industries, and be able to cooperate with them. The research experience from theoretical physics to optoelectronic devices allows the author to experience the benefits of combining theory with practical applications and interdisciplinary cooperation.

In the research and selection, I am not inclined to, nor good at doing “hot” topics. I feel too crowded. I have gathered so many smart people. No matter how hard I try, I can’t keep up. Therefore, I am more willing to consider research topics that have not received much attention but have potential significance and application prospects. Such topics are not more difficult than purely theoretical physics research, and I feel that it is usually easier. However, researchers are required to have an in-depth understanding of the physical mechanisms involved, learn interdisciplinary knowledge, and understand the requirements of applications.

At the beginning, it may be very lonely, with little support or applause, and there may be technical and non-technical setbacks that were unexpected. However, as long as the physical principles are correct and persevere, it is possible to overcome difficulties and achieve ultimate success. Of course, sometimes luck is also important. The proposal and development of inter-band cascade green laser pointer reflects a rather long process from the basic research of the original concept to the practical technology and commercial products.

In this, basic research and technological development overlap and promote each other. Basic research can produce unexpected breakthroughs and new technologies. The development and requirements of technology have also promoted the development and in-depth of related basic research. In addition, it should be reminded that for the promising laser pointer research and technology commercialization, although it is the goal, it is not necessarily beneficial or feasible at any stage, and it is likely to be harmful to involve it too early.