Is it illegal to shine a laser pointer on someone else’s window?

Even if you didn’t hurt anyone or hit anyone in the face with a high power laser pointer, if you call the police, you are likely to be summoned for misconduct. This is a reasonable charge, because at least you are disrupting and may scare people in their home.

In the past 5 years, laser modules with amazingly high power output can be purchased on eBay for less than $100, which is actually very scary. There are cheap laser diodes that can output more than 2 watts of optical power, and can be easily inserted into the flashlight housing to make a portable laser spot. Such a large power is enough to immediately cause serious eye damage to the partial reflection of the glass window or smooth surface.

In recent years, like launching lasers on airplanes, the intensity of police enforcement has greatly increased. A large percentage of those who pointed the laser at the pilot of the plane were caught, and they were often sentenced to jail. Irradiating someone’s house with a laser will not pose a life-threatening danger like temporarily blinding someone driving or operating a vehicle, but nevertheless, arresting and prosecuting people who use green laser irresponsibly is now a matter of great importance to the police.

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Does the cat know that I am controlling the laser pointer? Of course my cat knows. As soon as I picked it up, Lily ran away. She clearly recognized it and remembered its purpose. She especially likes chasing it in the hallway, where she can actually use up a few seconds. I usually lose interest long before them. When the light disappears, they look at me and then at the pointer. They didn’t look around, wondering why it disappeared. They know exactly why. They will never show any interest in it unless I am in hand, so they must understand how it works.

In addition, if they happen to forget the location of the red dot, they will check the pointer to confirm whether the end is still glowing. If it is not, I will get the “look” of the program, and if it is, they will return to scan the floor, walls and furniture for prey.

As for the “prey on the stick” toy, my cat seems to be very aware that human involvement makes it so blue laser pointer interesting. Kittens are different and are usually very focused on the toy itself. Whether they noticed or cared about how it actually works is questionable.

I firmly believe that once the cat has passed the kitten stage, the interaction with you is just like the actual toy itself or more of a fun for them. Recently, I bought this toy (pictured above)-it is battery powered. The blue thing on the outer edge moves around the yellow circle, changing direction randomly.