What if someone looks at the laser pointer from the rifle scope?

The scope is enlarged. Lasers are already very dangerous. Even a cheap high power laser pointer, when pointed at your eyes, can ruin your vision. I suspect that the scope will magnify the laser, and depending on the type of laser, it will bring you a greater risk of damaging your eyesight.

How effective is the laser weapon installed on the aircraft in combat? Point the laser at a ground target so that your bomb will find that it was used 40 years ago. It works best if the indicator is far away and the bomber puts the bomb high instead of flying over the target (the target has a bad habit of hitting back).

Will ballistic weapons be more effective than laser weapons in Star Wars? For various reasons, they probably shouldn’t abide by their laws of the universe, even though all of these have green laser been denied. Tie the super drive to the rock, just like King Kong. But I like to pretend that this has never happened, and we will never mention it again.

3000mw Laser Pointer Mini Flashlight Shaped

In a universe where very high-grade metals (durable steel) are widely available, typical mechanized vehicles or interstellar spacecraft are likely to be more susceptible to plasma bolts than kinetic energy projectiles. (Compared with the working principle of shaped warheads in modern tank shells. Cutting armor with high-temperature material jets is more effective than simply striking the armor with a metal block.)

Of course, perhaps soldiers who wear almost nothing (rebels) or plastic (clones, stormtroopers) are vulnerable to slugs-but standardize gas-based plasma weapons throughout the army and provide them with effective countermeasures against light vehicles Something might be meaningful. There are indeed many “explosives” in the Star Wars battle-thermal detonators, torpedoes, and missiles.

Another aspect here is shielding and logistics. With a shield, your defense blue laser pointer is tied to the power output of the shield generator/reactor, so at the end of the day, you need to move towards carrying proton torpedoes (ultra-attack light units) or larger star fighters. The reactor platform can withstand more abuse (heavyweight dreadnought). The kinetic energy weapons on the starfighter cannot compete with the energy density of the proton torpedo or other nuclear devices.