Is there a difference between a rifle and a laser pointer assault rifle?

Is there a laser pointer with a clearly visible high power laser pointer that will not cause damage or risk aircraft interference? I usually show a picture of the Spark Optical Range for this, but this time I will show one in China. This photo shows the first successful measurement of the moon’s distance from China using the Apollo 15 retroreflector.

It is best to use a green laser to generate enough laser power in dry air to produce a clear beam with low aerosols and particles, and it needs at least 100 mW to get a fairly dark beam. This is enough to interfere with high-altitude aircraft and is extremely dangerous to aircraft approaching or climbing.

If there are high levels of particulate matter and aerosols in the air (such as the air around me, because of the Cameron Peak fire), then even a 5 mW red beam will be visible. However, even level 1 green laser pose a threat to aircraft, at least as a felony, and can be regarded as acts of illegal combatants and acts of terrorism. Without an observer to ensure that there are no aircraft in the area, you cannot safely shine the laser beam into the sky.

650nm 10mW Red Light Laser Pointer Pocket

Is there a difference between a laser rifle and a laser assault rifle? Since we are making objects, it may be. Or it is impossible! I mean…you tell me, buddy; you know? If you ask my advice, I will make them different. The name “laser rifle” itself is an analogy. I think there is no reason to equate “laser rifle” with “laser assault rifle” to confuse this analogy.

The difference between an assault rifle and a rifle is the square and the rectangle. The assault rifle has an automatic firing function (the rifle is not necessarily) and fires medium-powered cartridges (while the rifle can fire any ammunition from low power to high power). If I were to bother calling a blue laser pointer weapon an “assault rifle”, I would like it to have the following characteristics: it can shoot automatically (or anything similar to the ability of automatic laser shooting in my universe), and compared with other laser rifles, medium power.