Basic Working Principle And End Use Laser Pointer

According to reports, the principle is not complicated. According to the report, the system temporarily changes the earth’s atmosphere into a structure similar to a lens system by simulating natural phenomena. This structural change can help amplify or change the propagation path of electromagnetic waves (such as light and radio signals). This concept is derived from two phenomena that exist in nature: the reflection characteristics of the atmospheric ionosphere and the mirage wonders of the desert. The ionosphere exists in the earth’s atmosphere, about 40 miles above the ground. It reflects radio waves, allowing people to receive broadcast signals thousands of miles away. The mirage in the desert is a natural phenomenon formed by the refraction and total reflection of light. It is a virtual image formed by the atmospheric refraction of light reflected by ground objects.

According to BAE’s commentary video, a special aerospace aircraft in space orbit emits high-pulse power laser pointer to heat the atmosphere above the target area, causing it to produce a special physical phenomenon called the “Kerr effect”, and then in the atmosphere Manufacture a special structure similar to mirror and magnifying glass. When reconnaissance is needed, it is like placing a “super magnifying glass” above the target. The aerospace aircraft in space will recognize various ground targets more clearly than the current reconnaissance satellites. If the enemy’s ground targets attempt to counterattack with laser weapons, the aerospace aircraft can form a “reflector” in the atmosphere by adjusting the LDAL, so that the laser emitted by the enemy will deflect and fail to hit the target.

Although BAE Systems probably explained the basic working principle and end use of this weapon, it didn’t say a word about how to realize it. How pulsed lasers form the ionosphere where it is needed and how to control its area are still far from mature. However, if this technology is finally successfully developed, it will greatly reduce the size of the current optical reconnaissance satellites, eliminate the use of complex and huge optical lens systems, and protect the space system from ground-based laser weapons.

This black technology has also caused many questions and ridicules from British netizens. Some netizens left a message saying that the current reconnaissance satellites can clearly see objects smaller than a ruler, and the development of green laser pointer optics and other sensor technologies is twice as fast as Moore’s Law in the computer field, so there is no need for this in 50 years. Efforts to engage in reconnaissance. Some people think that BAE is “in the next big game”, and it is likely that they want to use this as an excuse to develop a new weapon that can be deployed in any area. The purpose behind this technology is “not simple.” Because “a magnifying glass can be used not only to see things, but also to burn things. If you can create a super lens in the atmosphere, you can use it to focus the sun’s rays and generate ultra-high heat lethal rays, burning down enemies below.